These Travel Guides will save you a considerable amount of time, money and energy while giving you the maximum opportunity to have the trip you have always wanted but couldn’t figure out how to plan and afford. The itineraries I have created benefit everyone from first-time travelers to experienced nomads. These guides guide you day-by-day, step-by-step and give you information that is very easy to understand and use, explaining where to go and for how long, which daytrips to make, what form of transportation to use, when to relocate to another destination, etc. These guides also provide plenty of information on when to visit, how to budget, what to eat, how to meet and interact with locals, how to stay safe and much more.

Other travel guidebook publishers just can’t compete with Travel Guides. Why? I, CharlieTheTraveler, have not only personally done the research and writings but have actually done the itineraries myself! Travel guides used to help people choose the right destinations to visit. Most companies now have sold out to corporations, making money by recommending just about everywhere and everything. Will I ever do this? Absolutely not! I take pride in the exciting and life-changing products I deliver. This is more than just my job. It is my passion.

Far-reaching yet to-the-point and informative yet entertaining, CharlieTheTraveler takes his travel guides to a WHOLE new level. Travel Guides offer a comprehensive source of information, which broadens travelers’ perspectives and helps prepare for all types of trips: exciting, relaxing, business, cultural, etc. Frankly, I am disappointed with most travel guides on today’s market. The information provided is often cluttered, which makes it time consuming and difficult to navigate through it all. That’s why I have structured my Travel Guides in a way that readers can get exciting yet to-the-point information much quicker, easier, and more personalized than any other travel guide out there.

Who has the time and patience to research where to go, what to do, where to eat, and how to get around? It’s like needing a vacation after vacationing. Through much experience, I figured out the ins and outs of traveling without the stress and exhaustion that accompany it. One of the key reasons why my guides are so well liked is because I teach you how to hack through the barriers and enjoy yourself to the max.

I am all about helping your journey flourish while taking your time and budgetary constraints seriously. I am honored when told I have inspired someone, whether by meeting new people, understanding and learning from foreign viewpoints, and/or immersing oneself in culture. Although Travel Guides are official guides rather than just more travel blogs, they are very personalized. Guiding you toward your interests and dreams is not only my job but also my joy. So ultimately, I must thank you guys for making me feel great.

So the saying goes, if we knew then what we know now we would have all been millionaires. To some extent, I am a living example of that saying. It took me years to figure out to put more emphasis on book sales and less on website development and advertisements. Finding a quality company to develop the CharlieTheTraveler website was as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. The first company I found stated that its headquarters was on the top floor of a high rise building in New Delhi, India. When calling them on Skype, I would actually hear animals in the background making noises, such as chickens saying ‘baca baca baca baca’ (imagine the sound effect). Corporate headquarters located on the top floor of a high rise building in New Delhi? That’s a BIG lie, but a funny one nonetheless.

It took the company three weeks to create just a homepage design, which ended up being complete junk. Once presented with the design, I immediately spoke with the office manager (probably the older brother). He initially got defensive but once I asked him to be truthful as to whether there was a difference in quality between what was promised and what was delivered he suddenly broke down and said, “Difference? It is HUGE! I admit it. It took my whole team weeks just to comprehend the beauty of your vision, but…but…Forget the past and look forward to the good times ahead!” I told him, “But I have known you for only three weeks and it has been all bad from day one.” He responded almost crying and saying, “We are a family. You are my husband. I am your wife. We must not separate. You can wake me up at 0200 in the morning and I swear to God I will do anything you ask.” Fortunately, I had the mute button on as I laughed pretty loudly. I am glad I made the decision to divorce my wife immediately following that phone call.

It took a lot of time, trials, and expensive errors to finally figure out how to turn my passion into a lucrative business. I now sell dozens of travel guides while traveling the world. As difficult as it may be to achieve your goal, you should follow your passion and bulldoze over blockades. My point is this…Never give up!