Although Japan is not a country generally geared toward tourists (some say this is a blessing in disguise), the culture alone serves as enough reason to visit. The people are so well-mannered: clean, organized, structured, respectful, punctual and disciplined. They are also very committed to great workmanship. To see a society collectively exemplifying all of these traits is absolutely astonishing. Read more

You will be amazed by what you find on so many of Japan’s streets: flashy entertainment screens and neon, brand new technology products, bikes everywhere, restaurants displaying exotic and diverse foods, adults wearing suits (even the taxi drivers), kids wearing school uniforms, men of all ages addictively playing video games and vending machines selling everything from soda to beer.

You will also be amazed by what you do NOT find on the streets of Japan – that’s trash. There is virtually no littering on Japan’s streets, including in Tokyo. That’s especially impressive considering the fact that Tokyo is one of the most populated cities in the world. Indeed, Japan is a role model in so many ways to so many people. Visiting this much-revered and most-unique nation might very well be the most inspiring trip of your life.

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