Formally introduced as the “Cradle of Western Civilization,’ yet commonly known for its incredibly alluring and diverse islands, Greece offers a healthy balance between history and heritage on one hand and Mediterranean-style leisure and partying on the other. Greece is home of architectural jewels such as Corfu Town, Chania in Crete, Rhodes Town and the Cycladic Islands. The country also features a seemingly endless array of archeological treasures (e.g. the Acropolis and Parthenon), striking monasteries (especially Meteora and Mount Athos), plenty of hiking (e.g. Samaria Gorge), and even skiing (especially Arachova) opportunities. Read more

As for those who simply want to vacation, Greece has long been a favorite among families and revelers alike. Greece has the twelfth longest shoreline in the world and neither tourists nor locals waste an opportunity to have some fun in the sun. Of course, there are plenty of islands as well as areas along the mainland’s coast that provide for a quiet stay. However, if looking for some of Southern Europe’s most vibrant beach bars and nightlife, then Greece will be an ideal destination for you. To describe Greece in only one sentence, it is a country that cherishes its past, lives for the present, and plans as if only to party.

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