One of the world’s oldest and most written-about destinations, the Holy Land has attracted everyone from prophets and crusaders to modern-day pilgrims, architecture buffs, and even the secular type who are simply seeking a good travel experience. Of course, if there is just one place in Israel to visit it is Jerusalem, a spiritual center on par with no other. Regardless whether you are the religious type, few people who have experienced this atmospheric city can deny the emotions it invokes. What’s more, Jerusalem serves as an excellent base from which to make daytrips, such as to the Dead Sea. Read more

Although the Holy Land is undoubtedly a nation of historical importance and spiritual pride for Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike, Israel is nothing short of modern-surprisingly modern! We’re talking about educated people, good infrastructure, kicked-back restaurants, and great tourist services of all kinds. Spend a weekend lodging in the Eilat area at a first-class resort and otherwise explore the incredibly exotic coral reef and soon you will discover there is much more to Israel’s outdoors than just its deserts and camels.

Home of the Red Sea and its warm waters and coral reef, as well as red sands, ancient churches, castles, camels and desert, history-rich, relatively safe, and Western-friendly, Jordan is undoubtedly most famous for one of the world’s greatest UNESCO World Heritage Sites, archeologically striking Petra. Complimenting all this are the people, who are incredibly inviting and quite engaging with visitors. One of the most liberal nations in the region, Jordan is a great place to go to if you wish to get a taste of the Middle East without the security issues that come with it.

First Greeks, later Romans, and then Ottomans, Napoleon and the Brits, today’s visitors to Egypt are not colonists but rather tourists who want to absorb it all in: ancient pyramids, the Nile cruise, coral reef and its tropical fish, sand dunes, souks, ancient fortresses, mosques, monasteries, and much more. One of the oldest destinations on earth is a country not only characterized by history but by family, friendship, and hospitality as well. Egypt truly does offer an experience both unique and invaluable.

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