Known for incredibly diverse nature, gauchos (a.k.a. cowboys), delicious meats (especially the steak), world-renowned wines, tango, soccer fanatics, and attractive people, Argentina is nothing short of amazing. Despite public frustration over slow economic upturns as well as political corruption, deep down inside, Argentineans are quite proud of what their country offers. The lasting impressions you are likely to have of Argentina are of its live-for-the-moment people. Argentineans are rarely quiet, often hilarious, instinctively passionate, and always fashionable. It seems like everyone has a fashion statement to make, from young men with their long hair to elderly ladies with their chic sunglasses. The country oozes a level of stylishness incomparable to anywhere outside of the Mediterranean. Contrary to much of the Mediterranean, however, tourists surprisingly are not arriving in Argentina by the masses-at least not yet. Enjoy the authenticity, stunning character, and fascinating attractions this wonderful country rightfully boasts. Read more

Home of one of the most chic resorts in all of Latin America, Uruguay is one of the continent’s most pleasant and prosperous countries. Although colonial Colonia Del Sacramento and Montevideo are great destinations for stopping over en route, ultimately Uruguay’s tourist magnet draw is the seasonally popular resort Punta del Este, often labeled as the Monte Carlo of South America.

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