Best known for centuries-old pyramids, exotic beaches and clear waters, mariachi bands, tequila, Corona, and fattening but delicious cuisine, Mexico is no less enchanting for its historic towns and cities. It is here where natives dine outside under colonial arcades, middle-aged men read the newspaper at cafe shops, older women sit on benches to gossip, and the youth perform traditional dances to crowds with the sound of folkloric music in the background. Read more

Mexico is not only a place for seeing but for doing as well, such as swimming in sinkholes, climbing volcanoes and going whale watching. Equally fascinating is meeting and interacting with the people. Mexicans are a mix of indigenous tribes and Spanish traditions with a culture characterized by big families and provincial lifestyle. They love Chevy trucks (with music blasting from the speakers), beer, spicy food, ranchero hats, dancing, and more beer. As nice as the resorts are, you shouldn’t limit your time in Mexico to just tanning on the beach and enjoying your hotel room. There is a rich journey awaiting your discovery.

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