Before you visit China, throw out most notions of dictatorship and a Communist party ruling the country with an iron fist. Generally, the true hardline politics and the oppression of dissidents, especially Tibetans, represents a real and unfortunate piece of the puzzle. Nonetheless, for you as a tourist, the experience will likely consist of a centuries-old nation which is currently undergoing a major economic and cultural renaissance, fostered by financial pragmatism and exposure to the rest of the world. Read more

China is still known for its zodiac scheme, its beliefs about lucky numbers, the use of chopsticks, the smells of unfamiliar foods, its population density, the pollution, smoky temples, tea and slippers, the country is now equally world-renowned for its ultra-modern technologies, many of which are being used to internationalize and reshape its already diverse culture. Visit China to witness its transformation and then you will better understand what the whole world is talking about.

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