I offer you valuable information so you can prevent a great trip from becoming a bad one. For starters, running out of money half way through the trip is no fun. Having traveled to over 500 destinations definitely was not cheap for me…but it was feasible. Travel gradually rather than fly around like crazy. It is not only a money-sucker it is also physically exhausting. I went from Moscow to Saint Petersburg all the way down to Montenegro without once taking a flight. As I went south, I could feel the transition in cultures. The experience was priceless. Read more

Equally costly to excessive flights is the expense of lodging. Yes, the rumors are true. I figured out ways to stay at 5-star hotels for free (think overlooking the Louvre museum from your balcony). However, most people cannot pull that off and until becoming a travel expert, neither could I. Nonetheless, not even in my early adulthood years did I compromise my expectation of cleanliness and basic comfort. Compared to when I started traveling decades ago, fortunately for you there are more and more clever ways to find a comfortable and affordable place to stay.

My tips go beyond how to budget. Much more important to saving money is how to travel safely. In my teens, I was violently robbed in Barcelona, Spain. Although it never compromised my enthusiasm for traveling nor for my love for Barcelona (I returned and am glad I did), it taught me a thing or two about safety. This is an exercise I get better and better at each year as I continue my journey.

On a similar but much less threatening note, nothing makes me go berserk like when locals try to scam me. The majority of such experiences I have had are in what I still believe is the most beautiful country on earth…Italy. Although there is no perfect way to avoid scammers, I have learned how to take effective precaution without making it a chore and killing the beauty of getting lost in culture.

Ultimately, there is nothing better in the journey than to familiarize with and immerse in culture. This is a never-ending mission and I would not want it any other way. I am here to help you choose the right places for your needs and desires and prepare you for the journey. I am just as happy making your fantasy trip a reality as you are in experiencing it.

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