Canada extends from the Pacific to Atlantic Oceans and features great diversity in between: the ultra-modern city that is Toronto, the North American-European fusion that is Montreal, romantic Quebec City, colorful skies, glaciers, fjords, mammoth mountains, first-class ski resorts, great hiking trails, peaceful lakes, and immense forest. Add to all that a fairly educated, friendly, and peaceful society and you have a place that is not only desirable for visiting but for residing as well. Read more

No, Canada and the US are not indistinguishable and yes, the differences go beyond indigenous polar bears, moose, and humpback whales. True, both countries are affluent, vast, display stunning and diverse scenery, were once British colonies, are home of multiethnic restaurants and otherwise represent a melting pot of cultures. However, Canada seemingly receives more recognition for its liberal/social governance, for good healthcare, for its environmental consciousness and certainly not the least, for its efforts to preserve immigrant traditions while maintaining real multiculturalism. The world’s second largest country by land mass is proud and distinct and boasts one of the highest standards of living on earth.

From being a global economic, military, and technological powerhouse to being the first to reach the moon to having multinational corporations spread across the planet, millions of people from around the world continue to reach USA each year hoping to explore their many curiosities. Some are fascinated by American music and/or film. Others yearn for a taste of America’s entrepreneurial spirit. Many embrace themselves for some of the many world-renowned American cities that are characterized by history, vibrancy, skyscrapers, multiculturalism, and great international food. Of course, there are those who simply want to check out some of the country’s diverse and interesting landscape. Virtually everyone seems to have interest in visiting the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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