Characterized by its distinct architecture, dotted with medieval castles, and quintessentially Southern European villages – home of diverse scenery featuring shoreline resorts that attract families and partygoers alike, and also boasting exceptional cuisine and wine, Portugal presents a great variety of attractions. Aside from the quality vineyards and wonderful weather, perhaps the country’s greatest allure is its nature. Even the more touristy destinations usually provide easy access to unspoiled landscape: a dramatic coastline, beautiful beaches, striking coves and cliffs, lush valleys and forestry, dazzling fields of flowers, and wild rivers. Read more

Flamenco, bullfights, tapas bars, paella, sangria, and unmatched nightlife only scratch Spain’s amazing surface. Many of Spain’s autonomous communities such as Catalonia, Galicia, and Basque Country boast a wealth of architectural, cultural, and natural attractions comparable to what one would typically expect only from an entire country. Consider Andalucía for instance: its Moorish-style UNESCO World Heritage Sites, its world renowned music and dance scene, and its sierras and valleys. Although Spain’s provincial heritage can and does create political hurdles at times, travelers who gain exposure to this confluence of cultures, all passionate in their own way, will most likely be fascinated by the journey.

Spain features mind-blowing art inspired by the likes of Antoni Gaudí, El Greco, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dalí. The country is also home of contrasting landscapes, from the lush north to the dry south, and from rugged mountain ranges to exotic beaches and islands. As if all that wasn’t enough, the country is also graced with opulent palaces, imposing castles, grand cathedrals, and Roman relics, as well as eye-catching contemporary structures. Simply put, few destinations on earth offer as diverse and as many tourist draws as this compelling, magical, and international hotspot.

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