How to Travel the Globe on Less Than $50 USD a Day!

I Will Teach You:

  • How to Get Flights for Free or Super Cheap
  • How to Get Expensive Rooms For Free
  • How to Get Tours For Free
  • How to Earn Credit Card Points & Use Them for Free Stuff
  • How to Save on Ground & Water Transportation
  • How to Save Money While Out & About
  • Bonus Sections
  • Stopping Scam Artists From Taking Your Money
  • How to Avoid Getting Your Stuff Stolen

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Keep in mind this product comes with a sixty-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason, just send me an email and you will get a refund right away. I am confident my audio course and e-book will exceed your expectations. I am sharing with you the tricks that took me over fifteen years of experience to learn. If you want to start experiencing the travel adventures you always dreamed of, then this is the right audio course and e-book for you.

How Others Are Benefiting From My Audio Course & E-Book

I Was Traveling on $40 USD a Day

I got Charlie’s course and guide 10 months ago, before taking a 3-month long trip across Asia. I followed Charlie’s plan and spent, on average, $40 USD a day. Charlie explains things in an easy way to understand and in a very organized fashion. I would recommend Charlie’s audio course and e-book to even experienced travelers. There is a lot to learn from him.Read more

I Got So Many Free Hotel Rooms

You think way outside of the box, Charlie. You are very different from other travel bloggers and experts I read up on. Honestly, I never even heard of the kind of tricks you use to stay at 5-star hotels for free. I used them and they work. Specifically, thanks to you, I figured out how to get free rooms in Europe. I am now teaching others how to use your tricks too.Read more

I Didn’t Believe You Until I Listened to & Read Your Material

I did not get your audio course and e-book until a friend recommended it. At first, I was a bit hesitant to get it. The term travel ‘hacking’ sounds sketchy, something like a scam. After listening to and reading your material, I realized your advice is classy, strategic and hilarious all at the same time. You are truly an expert in the field of travel hacking. You saved me an incredible amount of money. Thank you, sincerely.Read more

About Me, Charlie

I spent my teens and early 20s working 60 hours a week at a 50s-era diner in California, living paycheck to paycheck. My curiosity for traveling started when my Greek father took me to his homeland on a 10-day trip. It was then I realized I wanted to meet people from around the world, immerse in their cultures and have a better understanding of what makes them happy.

Once I returned home, I quickly got sucked back into the reality of work, school, sleep and repeat. I didn’t have time for much of anything, let alone travel. The free time I did have was spent on thinking about how to explore the planet with the little money I had saved. After an incredible amount of research, I figured out Read more what travel hackers are doing to get free airfare, lodging, tours and food, among other things.

Once I figured out the tricks these people are using to travel cheaply, I took off to Europe. That was my first trip abroad as an adult. Fast-forward to today. At the time of writing, I have traveled throughout almost 80 countries on a shoestring, spending less than $50 USD a day on average. You probably think it is impossible for you to travel as much as I have. You are wrong! If I went from being a dishwasher to a world traveler, then so can you. The difference is, I know the tricks. I am going to show you how to do what I do.

Paid ZERO at 5-Star Hotel Louvre, Paris

My Experience & Knowledge Directly Benefit You, Bottom Line

Flying First Class For Free

Are you tired of stressing out, trying to figure out how to budget a trip? Are you asking yourself how minimum wage people are affording to travel so often? I am sharing with you what we travel experts are doing to travel cheap. I am also telling you how we are getting a bunch of expensive things for free. Basically, I am teaching you the art of ‘travel hacking’. I use these tricks to Read morethis very day and benefit in more ways than you can imagine. I stay at 5-star hotels across the globe for free. I get 50 percent off on rail transportation in Europe. I eat at expensive restaurants for free. I get tours for free, such as when I took a helicopter tour landing on Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand.

People would love to travel but just don’t know how to plan and afford it. According to the New York Daily News, a “report found that the average American has been to just three nations… Roughly 29% of American adults have never been abroad… The cost of travel is the number 1 reason why Americans stay home, with 71% saying they cannot afford to leave the country.”

People fall into the trap of living an entire life of mediocrity. They get siphoned into the vicious cycle of work-home, work-home, seemingly with no light at the end of the tunnel. Once retired, they no longer have the physical strength to explore the world like we younger travelers can.

Listening to and reading my audio course and e-book will put you well ahead of other travelers, even those who have years of experience. My advice is easy-to-follow and straight-to-the-point. The most important thing is…MY ADVICE WORKS!! It has worked for the thousands who have already listened to and read it. It will work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Your Advice Only/Mostly Relevant to Money-Strapped Backpackers or is it Relevant to Richer Travelers as Well?

Anyone with an open mind can learn from my audio course and e-book, regardless of your financial situation. Regardless whether you are a rich or poor traveler, we all love to get expensive things ideally for free or at least highly discounted. My audio course and e-book teaches you just that.

What Do You Do For a Living?

‘The Secrets & Tricks Travel Hackers Know & Use’ is one of literally over thirty e-books I wrote. I am confident you will like my material and will want some of my other products. Otherwise, I do members-only webinars as well as get paid to customize people’s trips.

How Do I Access Your Audio Course & E-Book?

Once payment is verified, you would receive an email from ClickBank. Open it. Click the button that says ‘Download or Access Digital Product’. A web page would pop up on your screen, providing a link and password. Click on that link and type in the password. From there, you would access my audio course and e-book online as well as download my e-book as a PDF.

Can You Prove You Stay at 5-Star Hotels For Free?

One of my favorite places I stayed for free was at the Tarsier Botanika Resort on Bohol Island, Philippines. There I was greeted with drinks, had my own lavish hut/villa, was given daily massages and had breakfast overlooking the ocean. This 8-hecter resort had everything from pools to white horses. At the time, the villa was going for $610USD a night.

What Kind of Free Tours Are You Getting?

For example, my father and I got a private airplane tour over Milford Sound, New Zealand. The going rate at the time was around $1,200USD per person.

What Has Been the Most Relaxing Hotel You Ever Stayed at For Free?

Several come to mind, but perhaps it was the Kri Eco Resort in Papua, Indonesia. Despite the struggles I faced in Papua because of its lack of tourism infrastructure, I left on a positive note. I made friends with locals who were working at the main dock, where boats were leaving to Kri Island. They invited me into their homes for both lunch and dinner. A couple of them even took me from the mainland, for free, to Kri Island very late at night. They really took care of me and bent over backwards to ensure I would have the best trip possible. Of course, staying at that 5-star hotel for free made my experience even better.

Can You Name a Company Which Has Given You a Free Tour?

Glacier Country Helicopters LTD is the first that comes to mind, offering a helicopter tour over Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand. Our helicopter actually landed on one of the glaciers. Glacier Country did a wonderful job arranging our tour. At the end of that day, I went for drinks with the co-owner Mike. He had a beer in his hand as he was talking with a thick accent, simultaneously with a cigarette in his mouth. I couldn’t understand what the heck he was saying. Nonetheless, I enjoyed his company.

When Traveling, Are You Getting Free Stuff Just For Yourself or Are You Getting Free Stuff For Others Too?

A person very dear to me, who traveled with me, jumped off a cliff for free! I want to give a special thanks to Shotover Canyon Swing & Canyon Fox located near Queenstown, New Zealand.

Can We Talk on the Phone?

As soon as I am free, sure. I’d have one of my assistants set up a time with you asap. Contact me here through live chat.

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