International Group Tour


What to Expect

  • Sightseeing Tours of Bangkok
  • Nightlife Tours of Bangkok
  • Floating (Food) Market Boat Ride
  • Elephant-Viewing Near Chiang Mai
  • Night Market Food Tours
  • Read more

  • Bamboo-Rafting
  • Zip-Lining
  • Sukhothai Archaeological Park Tour
  • Discovering National Parks
  • Ayutthaya Archaeological Park
  • Waterfalls
  • Delicious Food
  • Rich Culture
  • Enjoyable Hotels
  • And Much Much More…

Northern and Central Thailand in 12 Days


Would you like to speak directly with me, Charlie, so I can tell you more about the trip and answer your questions? Note: Your information will NOT be shared with others.


    International Group Tour


    What to Expect

    • Sightseeing Tours of Bangkok
    • Nightlife Tours of Bangkok
    • Floating (Food) Market Boat Ride
    • Elephant-Viewing Near Chiang Mai
    • Night Market Food Tours
    • Bamboo-Rafting
    • Zip-Lining
    • Sukhothai Archaeological Park Tour
    • Discovering National Parks
    • Ayutthaya Archaeological Park
    • Waterfalls
    • Delicious Food
    • Rich Culture
    • Enjoyable Hotels
    • And Much Much More…


    Day 1

    Day 1

    Our group tour starts in Chiang Mai. This city is best used as a base from which to explore the scenic environs as well as Read moreengage in various outdoor activities. Tour members would be arriving at different times. Some may be jet lagged while others, not. Those of us who would arrive early enough and have some energy should go zip-lining, which is covered in the price. There are fun places to go zip-lining which are not too far from the city. Let’s end the evening at the night bazaar, which incidentally is one of Thailand’s best.

    Day 2

    Day 2

    Let’s make a daytrip to the Doi Inthanon National Park, which is about a 2-hour bus ride away from Chiang Mai. Doi Inthanon ranks second among Thailand’s Read morenational parks in number of bird species. What’s more, within the park’s borders are a number of waterfalls. Once back in Chiang Mai, let’s check out the temple of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep.

    Day 3

    Day 3

    Let’s make a daytrip to the surrounding area specifically to (A) watch a performance at the Maesa Elephant Camp, (B) raft along the Taeng River and (C) visit the Tiger Kingdom.

    Days 4-5

    Days 4-5

    Let’s take a 4-hour bus ride and relocate near to the Sukhothai Historical Park, home to some of Thailand’s greatest Read morearcheological sites. The day upon arrival, we would visit some of the zones/areas within the park. Let’s spend the following day seeing the remaining zones not covered in day 4.

    There are 193 ruins on 70 square kilometers of land. There is a gate in the center of each wall. Inside are the remains of the royal palace and twenty-six temples, the largest being Wat Mahathat. The park is maintained by the Fine Arts Department of Thailand with help from UNESCO, which has declared it a World Heritage Site. Each year, the park welcomes thousands of visitors who marvel at the ancient Buddha figures, palace buildings, and ruined temples. The park is easily toured by bicycle or even on foot.

    Days 6-7

    Days 6-7

    Let’s take a 6-hour bus ride and relocate to Bangkok.

    The capital of Thailand is a highly congested, somewhat chaotic and visually unattractive city. Still though, it has its charms. Bangkok is popular specifically for its nightlife scene, food market scene and Read morethe Grand Palace area. The Wat Phra Kaew complex and the temples at Wat Pho and Wat Arun also draw some interest. Nonetheless, we are best off seeing the Grand Palace and otherwise spending all of our time at the markets and partying.

    My favorite areas for nightlife are Ratchadapisek, Silom/Patpong, Sukhumvit, Thonglor/Ekkamai and best of all, Khao San Road/Soi Rambuttri. Let’s do nightlife tours together every night in Bangkok!

    Note there is a chance we would visit the Amphawa Floating Market, which is regarded as a much more authentic version of the famous floating market in Damnoen Saduak. Amphawa is a 1.5-hour bus ride away from downtown Bangkok. Amphawa Floating Market is usually open from late-afternoon to early-evening. A 10-minute drive from Amphawa is the Maeklong Railway Market. Whenever a train approaches, the awnings and shop fronts are moved back from the rails. They are put back in place once the train has passed. This particular attraction is nothing short of hilarious.

    Day 8

    Day 8

    Let’s make an early-morning daytrip via a 1.5-hour bus ride to the district of Damnoen Saduak specifically to see its floating market. Afterwards, let’s return to Bangkok and Read moreexplore the city some more, not least by visiting the markets.

    My favorite markets are by far the Chatuchak Weekend Market and the very nearby Jatujak Green (JJ Green) Market. In fact, Chatuchak is one of the best outdoor markets I have ever seen in my life. Other markets we should visit include the Rot Fai as well as the one in Chinatown. Note that Asiatique The Riverfront is a really commercialized market but is still worth seeing once.

    Day 9

    Day 9

    Let’s make a daytrip via a 3-hour bus ride to the Khao Yai National Park.

    The park is the third largest in Thailand. There are 3,000 Read morespecies of plants, 320 species of birds like red jungle fowl and coral-billed ground cuckoo, and 66 species of mammals, including Asian black bear, Indian elephant, gaur, gibbon, Indian sambar deer, pig-tailed macaque, Indian muntjac, Ussuri dhole, and wild pig. Its waterfalls include the 80-meter Heo Narok and Heo Suwat.

    Day 10

    Day 10

    Let’s make a daytrip via a 2-hour bus ride to the Ayutthaya Historical Park, home to an ancient city.

    The city of Ayutthaya was founded in 1351. The city was captured by Read morethe Burmese in 1569. Though not pillaged, it lost many valuable and artistic objects. It was the capital of the country until its destruction by the Burmese Army in 1767. In 1969, the Fine Arts Department began renovations of the ruins, which became more serious after it was declared a historical park in 1976. A part of the park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.

    Day 11

    Day 11

    Let’s make a daytrip via a 2-hour bus ride to the Thailand–Burma Death Railway. Afterwards, let’s take a 1-hour bus ride to the Erawan National Park. The bus ride back to Bangkok from Erawan takes about 3 hours.

    During WWII, the Japanese forced over 240,000 Javanese, Malayan Tamils of Indian, Burmese, Chinese, Thai, and other Southeast Asians to Read moreconstruct the Thailand–Burma Death Railway. After the end of the war, 111 Japanese military officials were tried for war crimes because of their brutalization of POWs during the construction of the railway, with 32 of these sentenced to death. What you can see today is the bridge built during that dark time in history. As for the Erawan National Park, the waterfalls are the main draw. There are also four caves in the park.

    Day 12

    Day 12

    Bangkok is the final destination on our group tour of Northern and Central Thailand. Private transfer back to the airport is provided upon request.

    What Makes Our Tours Different From Our Competitors’?

    Unlike the big corporations which offer generic tours led by often-boring tour guides, this tour will be led by ME. I have led groups all around the world, having covered almost 80 countries so far. If you are looking for a passionate, exciting and definitely entertaining life coach who shows you Read morewhy our planet is awesome, you have found the right guy, at least this is what travelers on my tours tell me. I am also a book author, having written and published 35 travel guides at the time of writing.

    Why Use Charlie & Not a Different Travel Agent & Tour Guide?

    Culture, cuisine, festivals, breathtaking nature, adventure and more cuisine are what Charlie is all about. What he offers is the complete opposite of the cookie-cutting, prepackaged deals and tours travel agencies sell, the majority of which leave you in complete boredom. Having visited nearly 600 destinations at the time of writing, few travel agents and tour guides have the experience Charlie does.

    What Others Think About Charlie’s Services

    Entertaining, Passionate & Professional

    You love what you do…and you are sure good at it! You have a unique character: funny, energetic and yet very well-structured. You had the group excited the whole time, both with your personality and by the action-filled itinerary you created for us. There was not even one second of boredom while on your trip.

    Best Tour Guide Ever

    You were not the first tour guide I have taken a trip with. However, definitely you are the one who stands out most. You did so much to make the group happy and engaged. You made even the quietest of people in the group come to life, including myself.

    No Stress, No Drama: All Went Perfectly

    Charlie had everything so well laid out. He is ‘on the ball’, so to speak. There is really little to worry about when using Charlie as your travel agent and tour guide. He knows exactly what he is doing. Charlie, you will see me again on one of your tours.

    Join Us on This Epic Journey!

    Discovering Thailand with travel guru Charlie is a life-changing experience, one that leaves people with memories to last a lifetime. Few of us have the time and patience to research where to go and what to do and where to eat and how to get around. Charlie figured out Read morethe ins and outs of traveling without the stress and exhaustion that accompany it. He takes care of it all so you can spend your time enjoying rather than ‘planning’, plus he knows how to not waste time and money. Don’t miss out. You only live once!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What’s Included in the Price?

    All lodging, internal transportation, breakfast, entry fees and local tour guides

    What’s Not Included in the Price?

    Flights, lunches, dinners, alcohol, travel insurance and visas

    *Note that we would be happy to assist you in finding international airfare upon request.

    What Kind of Food Should I Expect on This Trip?

    Disregard the breathtaking landscape. Disregard the outdoor activities. Disregard the fun people and the nightlife. The very diverse cuisine alone is enough reason to visit Thailand and join our group tour. Cooking Thai cuisine is not common sense. Making the food look, smell and taste remarkable comes with years of practice. Popular food items include: stir-fry dishes such as Pad Kra Pao, Pad See Ew and Pad Thai, soups such as Massaman, Kuay Teow Moo Daeng and Tom Yum, spring rolls, an omelet called Kai Jeow, banana pancakes, mango sticky rice and Thai Iced Tea.

    At What Specific Hotels Would We Be Staying?

    We wouldn’t choose places we would not have our own mothers stay at. We realize that staying at a substandard establishment can really damage the overall experience-and we make sure to avoid this at all costs. The establishments we choose all have air conditioning and private bathrooms and are as safe and clean as can be. Typically, we choose 4-star establishments. Why can’t we tell you the names of the establishments now? Our options may change based on the size of our group. It isn’t until we have the final count of tour members for this trip could we finalize all accommodation bookings. Once all finalized, we would let you know promptly via email.

    Am I Sharing the Room with Someone?

    Prices are based on two persons per room. If you wish to stay in the room with another tour member (such as a family member or friend), then you and this person both need to make a request by emailing us and letting us know. If you need to have your own room, then please let us know and email us as soon as possible. Note that we cannot guarantee these hotels would have vacancy. Also note there is an additional fee for a private room.

    What is the Size of the Group & Where is Everyone From?

    Although we welcome people from all around the world, our customers reside mostly in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA or Canada. As for the size of the group, usually it is between 12 and 25 persons.

    Are Kids Allowed on This Tour?

    You must be at least 18 years old to join our tour.

    Do I Get Any Free Time Away From the Group?

    Of course. For the most part, you can wonder off as long as you are back on the boat/bus by the agreed upon time. You also have a lot of free time typically after 6:00pm.

    What Happens If I Arrive Late?

    Notify us as soon as possible and we will do our very best to arrange a meeting point. Please note that we do not refund for any days or activities that you miss.

    Can I Opt-Out of Certain Activities?

    Generally speaking, you can opt-out, as long as we are given adequate notice.

    How Strong Do I Need to Be For This Trip?

    We do not expect you to be an Olympic champion. We know some of the tour members are more fit than others…and we are well prepared for this. If you have any kind of disability, please let us know as soon as possible.

    What Happens If I Get Injured on This Trip & Cannot Continue?

    We would do our best to keep you safe and make you as comfortable as possible, as well as make special arrangements to address your situation. We treat our members like ‘family members’, not just another head to count while doing the group tour.

    What Happens If I Cancel This Trip?

    To confirm your tour, full payment is needed at the time of your purchase. However, refunds are offered. You will receive a full refund if canceling at least 91 days in advance from the departure date. Cancelling between 90-60 days prior to departure entitles you to a 50 percent refund. Cancelling between 59-31 days prior to departure entitles you to a 25 percent refund. Canceling 30 days or less prior to departure is not eligible for a refund. Cancellation requests need to be made by email and become effective on the date received by CharlieTheTraveler.

    What Happens If You, CharlieTheTraveler, Cancel This Trip?

    In the unlikely event CharlieTheTraveler needs to cancel this trip, such as because of an unforeseen emergency, we will give you a full refund for the tour within 14 business days of the cancellation. Note: We are not a participant in the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund, nor is this transaction covered by the Restitution Fund.

    Are You Licensed & Which State in America Issued it?

    Absolutely I am licensed. I am a California born and bred resident and American citizen. My registration number is CST 2136740-70. My company is registered at PO Box 1578 Whittier, California 90609. Note: Travel agents registered as a seller of travel in California does not constitute approval by the State. Also note: California law requires sellers of travel to have a trust account or bond. CharlieTheTraveler has a trust account.

    How Do You Help Prepare Us For This Trip?

    You should receive an email from us within 24 hours of purchasing this tour as well as a week before departure. The first email gives details about what to bring, how to prepare yourself, etc. The second email gives details mostly about the hotels.


      Tours Terms & Conditions Agreement & Release Waiver

      Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions together with our privacy policy, and any other documentation we provide you form the basis of your contract with us (hereinafter The Agreement). This Agreement effects your legal rights. By booking a tour with us, you are accepting and consenting to The Agreement. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, you must not make any booking with us.

      The terms "we", "us", "our", and “CharlieTheTraveler" refer to CharlieTheTraveler. The term "you" “I” “participant” or “customer” refers to the customer booking a reservation through us. Reference to “Suppliers” and “Service Providers” means all third parties who provide services to you including airlines unless otherwise specified.

      Each tour member must read, understand, and agree to the Agreement including these Terms and Conditions before making the purchase. If you are making travel reservations of bookings for another person, it is your responsibility to ensure that all individuals for whom you make a reservation or booking have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. You are responsible, including financial responsibility for any reservations or bookings you make on your behalf or on the behalf of any individuals under your direction or control. We will need a copy of each tour member’s passport to confirm your purchase. You must be at least 18 years old to join this tour.

      BOOKING AND PRICE: You must make payment for your arrangements in accordance with the instructions we give you. Payment in full is due at that time of booking. If we do not receive any payment due in full and on time according to our instructions, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you in which case the cancellation charges set out below will become payable. We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason and shall in that event return any deposit received. Reservations are non-transferrable. Prices do go up as availability becomes scarcer. However, your price for the tour you have selected will be locked the moment we receive payment.

      Our tour prices do not include international airfare. You will need to purchase it independently. You must find the right flight schedule and purchase the airfare before making the tour purchase with CharlieTheTraveler. Very importantly, do not purchase a non-refundable or even semi- flexible ticket. You never know if you will need to cancel the trip or, in the unlikely event, CharlieTheTraveler will need to. You agree to purchase flights that are fully refundable.

      Although our price advertised is quoted rather than estimated, there are some exceptions. (1) The price quoted is based on 2 persons per room. If you wish to have your own room, we may be able to offer this at an additional fee, depending on availability. (2) Some of our customers like to upgrade to more extravagant hotels. We offer this service but of course, there are additional fees. (3) Some of our customers want very high-end restaurants. Like hotel upgrades, we offer this at an additional fee. For any of these needs, call us for details.

      CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY FOR THE TOUR (GUIDES, ENTRY FEES, LAND & GROUND TRANSPORTATION & ACTIVITIES): Should you need to cancel your booking, return of your payment will be made in accordance with the table below.

      • You will receive a full refund if canceling at least 91 days in advance from the departure date.

      • Cancelling between 90-60 days prior to departure entitles you to a 50 percent refund.

      • Cancelling between 59-31 days prior to departure entitles you to a 25 percent refund.

      • Canceling 30 days or less prior to departure is not eligible for a refund.

      Cancellation requests must be made by email and become effective on the date received by CharlieTheTraveler.

      CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY FOR HOTELS & AIRFARE: Hotels and airlines serve as third parties for CharlieTheTraveler’s packaged tours. You hereby agree to the hotels’ and airlines’ terms and conditions. In some cases, no refunds are offered. CharlieTheTraveler has no control over hotels’ and airlines’ terms and conditions. We-and you-are simply bound by them.

      CANCELLATION OR RESCHEDULING BY TOUR GUIDE OR OTHER: In the event the Tour Leader or other entity associated with the Tour Guide chooses to change the departure date, the standard cancellation charges remain effective for the original departure date. Cancellation of a tour without CharlieTheTraveler’s consent is subject to standard cancellation charges.

      CANCELLATION BY CHARLIETHETRAVELER: In the unlikely event CharlieTheTraveler needs to cancel the trip and is unable to reschedule, except in the case of a force majeure as described below, , we will give you a full refund for the tour within 14 business days of the cancellation. CharlieTheTraveler has no other obligations to tour members on cancelled trips. This includes-but is not limited to-any costs and/or fees related to travel insurance, airfare cancellation and travel arrangements you have made outside of this agreement.

      FORCE MAJEURE: We cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected, or you otherwise suffer any loss, injury, death, inconvenience or damage as a result of circumstances amounting to “force majeure”. “Force majeure” means any event or circumstances which we or the supplier of the services in question could not foresee or avoid. Such events and circumstances may include, acts of God, actual or threatened, war, insurrection, riots, strikes, civil action, decisions by governments or governing authority, technical or maintenance problems with transport, changes of schedules or operational decisions of air carriers, terrorist activity or the threat thereof, industrial action, natural or nuclear activity, epidemic, illness, physical injury, quarantine, medical or customs or immigration regulation, delay, or cancellation, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside our control.

      Pandemic/Epidemic: You assume any and all risks associated with traveling during a pandemic and especially during an epidemic. You hereby agree to release CharlieTheTraveler and its suppliers from any issues which may arise from contracting a virus which is spreading locally, regionally or globally. Furthermore, you do not hold CharlieTheTraveler and its suppliers liable for workers and/or other customers not wearing a mask during a pandemic or an epidemic. It is solely your responsibility to wear an effective mask at all times.

      ITINERARIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE: We are very determined to follow the itinerary exactly as advertised to you. Nonetheless, the world is full of surprises and we need to be flexible enough to work with unforeseen and/or unavoidable circumstances. We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary at our sole discretion. Uncompleted portions of the tour itinerary are not eligible for any refund. An example is-but is not limited to-heavy rains.

      INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL/PASSPORTS AND VISAS: International travel is not without risk. By offering reservations for travel in international destinations, CharlieTheTraveler makes no representation, warranty or guarantee that travel to such areas is advisable or without risk or danger. While we may advise you regarding travel to a destination, it is your responsibility to be aware of travel warnings and advisories that are in effect as announced by the U.S. State Department. Should you choose to travel to a country that has been issued a travel warning or advisory, CharlieTheTraveler will not be liable for damages of losses that result from travel to the destination.

      You and any minors traveling with you must be in possession of a machine-readable passport valid for 6 months after their trip return date along with applicable visas. Some countries require that your passport have two to four blank visa/stamp pages. Some airlines will not allow you to board if this requirement is not met. For information about passport requirements you can visits the State Department’s website at Any visa fee or related fees are not quoted in the tour price. You would need to make the purchase independently. All travelers, regardless of nationality, are responsible for ensuring they meet all foreign entry requirements, including any and all taxes/fee which may be imposed by local authorities. Please make sure any and all required travel documents are in order upon arrival. Please note that entry to any country may be refused even if the required information and travel documents are complete.

      For up-to-date detailed information on travel documents and visas, entry/exit taxes and further information on entry and exit requirements please check with your local consular services. Obtaining and carrying these documents is your sole responsibility. CharlieTheTraveler bears no responsibility for such information and will not be responsible for advising and/or obtaining required travel documentation for you, or for any delays, damages, and/or losses including missed portions of your vacation related to improper documentation or government decisions about entry.

      Disinsection of aircraft is permitted under international law in order to protect public health, agriculture and the environment. A number of countries that we organize trips to choose to do this by spraying the aircraft cabin with an aerosolized insecticide while passengers are on board. Our clients have rarely had any issues with this process but we note that while the Report of the Informal Consultation on Aircraft Disinsection sponsored by the World Health Organization (November 6-10, 1995) concluded that aircraft disinsection, if performed appropriately, would not present a risk to human health, the report also noted that some individuals may experience transient discomfort following aircraft disinsection by aerosol application. If you have concerns about this process or wish to know more, please ask us. For more information you can also visit the U.S. Department of transportation website at:

      YOUR HEALTH: It is your responsibility to consult your physician for current recommendations on inoculations and other health precautions before you travel. It is also your responsibility to ensure you meet all health entry requirements and follow all medical guidance related to the trip. Our tours are very active. Any concerning health issues you may have need to be reported to us before making the tour booking. This includes food restrictions. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if we think this is in the best interest of your health. In the event illness strikes you while on a tour, unfortunately no refund will be offered, for this reason you should obtain travel protection insurance. While physically active on a tour, drinking alcohol can be dangerous and is generally discouraged. Secondhand fumes also can be dangerous. Smoking while near the group is not permitted.

      It is essential that you advise us before booking if you do have any disability or pre-existing medical condition which may affect your trip, or if you have any special requirements as a result of any disability or medical condition (including any which affect the booking process) so that we can assist you in considering the suitability of the arrangements and/or in making the booking. Full details must be confirmed in writing at the time of booking and whenever any change in the condition or disability occurs. We will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate requests, but cannot be responsible if ADA accommodations are not available. Any accommodations provided will be at the sole expense of the guest requiring the accommodation. Please note that accommodations outside of the USA may not be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and may not have wheelchair accessibility.

      The tour guides and tour leaders are, unfortunately, unable to offer additional assistance to passengers with limited mobility and all such assistance will need to be provided by whoever the passenger is traveling with. Participants with disabilities must notify us in writing no later than the time of booking of status and of the identity of their non-discounted, paid travel companion who will be responsible for providing all necessary assistance. We may request that you provide a letter from your doctor confirming your fitness to travel.

      YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND CONDUCT: Each participant is expected to act responsibly and adhere to all behavior guidelines established by CharlieTheTraveler and our local ground-handlers. CharlieTheTraveler and our local suppliers reserve the right to expel you from a tour, at any time. Reasons for such a decision include-but are not limited to-a threat to yourself and/or to others, heavy intoxication and blatantly disrespecting others. You hereby wave and release any rights you may have to make a claim against CharlieTheTraveler for expelling you. You also understand and agree that if someone asserts a claim, demand and/or cause of action against you, you are hereby waiving and releasing any right to seek compensation, indemnity and/or defense from CharlieTheTraveler.

      When you book lodging through CharlieTheTraveler, you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you. Full payment for any such damage or loss (reasonably estimated if not precisely known) must be paid direct at the time to the accommodation owner or manager or other supplier. You must indemnify CharlieTheTraveler for the full amount of any claim (also including legal costs) made against CharlieTheTraveler. CharlieTheTraveler is not responsible for any costs incurred concerning a guest removed from the lodging establishment. You agree not to hold CharlieTheTraveler or any of its related entities liable for any actions taken under these terms and conditions.

      When you book activities (examples include-but are not limited to-quad-riding, zip-lining, paragliding, snorkeling and cooking) through CharlieTheTraveler, you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you. Full payment for any such damage or loss (reasonably estimated if not precisely known) must be paid direct at the time to the company owner or manager or other supplier. You must indemnify CharlieTheTraveler for the full amount of any claim (also including legal costs) made against CharlieTheTraveler. CharlieTheTraveler is not responsible for any costs incurred concerning a customer removed from a tour and/or activity. You agree not to hold CharlieTheTraveler or any of its related entities liable for any actions taken under these terms and conditions.

      Other important notes:

      • Baggage and personal effects are at all times the sole responsibility of the participant.

      • Tardiness: Our tours are an exciting experience rather than a military drill. Nonetheless, if you are considerably late, then the group may need to leave without you. In this event, however, we would do our best to customize services just for you, such as by hiring a private vehicle at an additional cost.

      • Tipping: Tipping is appreciated but is not required. This includes-but is not limited to-bellboys, waiters/servers and local tours guides.

      • Staying in contact: You will need to have an activated phone with you while on the trip, in the event we accidentally lose each other.

      • Preparing you for departure: Via email, we will provide you with all kinds of travel tips to help prepare you for this trip, including suggesting a list of what to bring.

      Travel Protection: It is a requirement for all participants to secure adequate travel protection insurance. At a minimum such insurance must cover cancellations, medical expenses, evacuations, flight loss or delays and 24/7 assistance.

      CharlieTheTraveler is not an insurance broker and is not qualified to answer technical questions about the benefits, exclusions, and conditions of travel insurance plans. CharlieTheTraveler cannot evaluate the adequacy of the prospective insured's existing insurance coverage. If you have any questions about your travel protection, call your insurer or insurance agent or broker.

      Failing to travel with adequate travel insurance could result in the loss of your travel cost and/or require more money to correct the situation. You also acknowledge that without insurance, there may be no way to recoup any losses, costs or expenses incurred. If you choose to travel without adequate insurance coverage, we will not be liable for any of your losses howsoever arising, for which insurance coverage would otherwise have been available.

      Certain countries have a requirement for foreign visitors to have valid medical insurance on entry. CharlieTheTraveler cannot be held responsible for denied entry if a guest is unable to provide details to authorities of insurance or denial of entry for any reason.

      ASSUMPTION OF RISK: While CharlieTheTraveler does its best to prevent harm, it cannot in any way absolutely guarantee your safety. It is impossible to foresee everything that can possibly go wrong, especially situations that are unknown, unknowable, unanticipated and unforeseeable. Traveling, both abroad and even domestically, involves significant risks and hazards. Additional risks and dangers may arise including, but not limited to, hazards of travel by train, automobile, motor coach, aircraft and other means of conveyance, animal interactions, forces of nature, political unrest, other unrest, risks associated with water, food, plants, insects and differing animal regulation, and acts of national and local governments and unrest and acts of others against governments. These risks are not an exhaustive list but are examples of many kinds of risks. You are voluntarily participating in these activities with the knowledge that there are significant dangers involved, and you hereby agree to accept any and all risks. Regardless just how great or unlikely the risks may be, you hereby agree to assume any and all hazards involved traveling on this tour.

      Injuries, illnesses, losses and general inconveniences can occur anywhere, at any time. In some of the destinations CharlieTheTraveler takes its tour members to, there is no ready assistance and/or medical care. CharlieTheTraveler does not provide any such assistance. If you have medical issues that put you at any risk in places we plan on visiting, then it is strongly recommended you prioritize your health over your travel ambitious and reconsider whether this trip is in your best interest.

      By agreeing to this contract, you hereby agree to waive and release any and all claims you could ever assert/bring against CharlieTheTraveler, regardless whether they are or are not listed in this agreement. Only some examples of a ‘claim’ are-but are not limited to-water, food and road/transportation safety, property damage, personal injury, death, theft, strikes, protests, political instability, civil unrest, war, sabotage, terrorism, actions by any law officials, emotional distress, outrage and natural disasters.

      By agreeing to this contract, you also hereby agree to waive and release any and all disputes you could ever assert/bring against CharlieTheTraveler, regardless whether they are or are not listed in this agreement. Examples of a ‘dispute’ include-but are not limited to-food quality, customer service, hotel room satisfaction, suggested activities not included in the tour and not least, daily sightseeing activities. Important to note, daily activities are subject to change without notice. One of the many reasons for such changes is because of weather forecast. Nonetheless, CharlieTheTraveler will do its best to still give the group a great experience.

      NON-RESPONSIBILITY: CharlieTheTraveler is an agency that is unique in the sense that it customizes trips in a way that is intended to be motivating, fun and inspirational. CharlieTheTraveler, and its employees, agents, and representatives use third party suppliers to arrange tours, transportation, sightseeing, lodging, and all other services related to this tour. CharlieTheTraveler is an independent contractor and is not an employee, agent, or representative of any of these suppliers. CharlieTheTraveler does not own, manage, operate, supervise, or control any transportation, vehicle, airplane, hotel or restaurants, or any other entity that supplies services related to your tour. CharlieTheTraveler is not affiliated with any other tour operator. All suppliers are independent contractors, and are not agents or employees or representatives of CharlieTheTraveler. All tickets, receipts, coupons, and vouchers are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by each supplier, and by accepting the coupons, vouchers, and tickets, or utilizing the services, all customers agree that neither CharlieTheTraveler, nor its employees, agents, or representatives are or may be liable for any loss, injury, or damage to any tour participant or their belongings, or otherwise, in connection with any service supplied or not supplied resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrence beyond the control of CharlieTheTraveler. CharlieTheTraveler assumes no responsibility or liability for any delay, change in schedule, loss, injury or damage or loss of any participant that may result from any act or omission on the part of others; and CharlieTheTraveler shall be relieved of any obligations under these terms and conditions in the event of any strike, labor dispute, act of God, or of government, fire, war, whether declared or not, terrorism, insurrection, riot, theft, pilferage, epidemic, illness, physical injury, quarantine, medical or customs or immigration regulation, delay, or cancellation. CharlieTheTraveler accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items. CharlieTheTraveler reserves the right to refuse any participant or potential participant at its sole discretion. CharlieTheTraveler does not guarantee the quality, suitability, safety and/or ability of any third-party providers. You agree that the entire risk arising out of your use of third-party services, and any service or goods requested in connection therewith, remains solely with you, to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law.

      PHOTOGRAPHY: You hereby give CharlieTheTraveler permission to film and/or photograph you for any reason, including for marketing and promotional purposes. You grant CharlieTheTraveler permission to do so and for it to use same for promotional or commercial use without payment of any compensation to participant. You also understand and agree that you cannot film and/or photograph any tour member and/or CharlieTheTraveler employee, agent and/or independent contractor without permission. Should a tour member film and/or photograph you without permission, you hereby agree to release any rights that you may have to make a claim against CharlieTheTraveler.

      CHOICE OF LAW: This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California. You hereby agree that the sole jurisdiction for any claims and/or disputes you may have with CharlieTheTraveler is in Greater Los Angeles. All guest claims must be submitted in writing and received by CharlieTheTraveler no later than sixty (60) days after the completion of the CharlieTheTraveler Tour. Guest claims not submitted and received within this time shall be deemed waived and barred.

      SEVERABILITY: If any of these terms are determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable by reason of the laws of any state or country in which these terms are intended to be effective, then to the extent and within the jurisdiction in which that term is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed and deleted from these terms and the remaining terms shall survive, remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable.

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