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Why Use Charlie & Not a Different Travel Agent & Tour Guide?

Culture, cuisine, festivals, breathtaking nature, adventure and more cuisine are what Charlie is all about. What he offers is the complete opposite of the cookie-cutting, prepackaged deals and tours travel agencies sell, the majority of which leave you in complete boredom. Having visited nearly 600 destinations at the time of writing, few travel agents and tour guides have the experience Charlie does.

No matter where and when your next trip is, having it organized, booked and led by travel agent, tour guide and life coach Charlie makes all the difference. He has led groups all around the world, having covered almost 80 countries so far. Let Charlie show you why our planet is awesome.

The Kind of Activities Charlie Leads Groups on While Traveling Together

  • Food tour through the small alleys of Tokyo, Japan
  • Wine sampling tour in the Bordeaux region of France
  • Touring Rome, Italy on a Vespa
  • Nightlife tour in London, UK & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Cooking class at a home in Sicily, Italy
  • South African safari
  • Apparition site in Fatima, Portugal
  • Jet-boating in the Caribbean
  • Diving in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Sand-bashing around Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Zip-lining across the jungles of Costa Rica
  • Hot-air balloon riding in Cappadocia, Turkey
  • Hiking glaciers in Southern Argentina
  • Salsa dance class in the Dominican Republic
  • Traditional city sightseeing

Trips Charlie Has Taken Groups on in the Past

Landing on Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

What Others Think About Charlie’s Services

Entertaining, Passionate & Professional

You love what you do…and you are sure good at it! You have a unique character: funny, energetic and yet very well-structured. You had the group excited the whole time, both with your personality and by the action-filled itinerary you created for us. There was not even one second of boredom while on your trip.

Best Tour Guide Ever

You were not the first tour guide I have taken a trip with. However, definitely you are the one who stands out most. You did so much to make the group happy and engaged. You made even the quietest of people in the group come to life, including myself.

No Stress, No Drama: All Went Perfectly

Charlie had everything so well laid out. He is ‘on the ball’, so to speak. There is really little to worry about when using Charlie as your travel agent and tour guide. He knows exactly what he is doing. Charlie, you will see me again on one of your tours.

Take Action Today by Using Charlie as Your Travel Agent & Tour Guide

Few of us have the time and patience to research where to go and what to do and where to eat and how to get around. Charlie figured out Read morethe ins and outs of traveling without the stress and exhaustion that accompany it. He takes care of it all so you can spend your time enjoying rather than ‘planning’, plus he knows how to not waste time and money. If you want to travel with-or even without-Charlie, contact us. Discovering the world with travel guru Charlie is a life-changing experience, one that leaves people with memories to last a lifetime.