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Are you reluctant to approach foreign girls when traveling abroad? Are you asking yourself how other guys can do it so easily and you cannot? My name is Charlie and I am sharing with you what we dating advice experts are doing to get foreign girls to like us naturally and quickly. I am teaching you how to master the art of physical and emotional attraction.

  • I will show you how to conquer your fears and insecurities and actually have fun with pursuing quality girls.
  • I will share with you personal stories of how I met female tourists in airplanes, trains and buses and convinced them to travel with me, how I approached pretty girls on the street and ended up having amazing experiences with them and how I got local girls to like me in a short period of time.
  • I will also recommend from personal experience where the best places on earth are to find these girls.

Take action and start developing the mindset needed to attract foreign girls, today.

The Principles We Dating Advice Experts Are Following

I spent my twenties working sixty hours a week, doing boring administrative work, living paycheck to paycheck. My job did not give me enough time to practice my social skills and gain the confidence needed to approach and chat with pretty girls. I needed a vacation. My Greek father took me to his homeland on a ten-day trip, specifically to the Greek Islands. I cleared my mind and decided I wanted to work less and travel more. I realized traveling helped me boost my confidence, appreciate my existence on this earth, respect myself more and get into the mindset needed to get girls to want me just as much as I wanted them.

Once I returned home, I went straight back to work, with the goal to save enough money so I could go on a one-year trip around the world. The free time I had while home was spent on figuring out where the best places on earth are to meet and mingle with female tourists and locals alike. I was determined to visit them all.

Once I had saved enough money, I first took off as a solo traveler to Europe, followed by Southeast Asia and South America. With a little practice, I learned how to approach girls, make them both comfortable with and interested in me and give them reason why to join me on my crazy adventures. I still keep in contact with many of these girls. Fast-forward to today. As of now, I have explored almost 80 countries and exactly 596 famous destinations.

You may think it is too difficult to meet, mingle with and date tourists and locals alike while abroad. If you do, then you are wrong! If I went from a physically unattractive and insecure guy with a boring job to a professional dating advice expert who travels the world, then so can you. The difference between us is knowledge and experience. I am going to show you how to do what I do and I am not going to ask you even for one penny.

How Others Are Benefiting From My 100% Free Audio Course & E-Book

I Had No ‘Game’

First and foremost, Charlie’s free audio course and e-book taught me that mastering the art of dating is not some kind of ‘game’. Charlie presents a way of thinking and living that simply causes a positive domino effect, both in and outside of your dating life. Charlie is, in my mind, a life coach, not just a dating advice expert. He really made a difference in how I feel about life as a whole.

Made Lots of New Female Friends in South America

Your free audio course and e-book gave me a huge confidence boost, Charlie. I am, by nature, an introvert. In all honesty, until I took a recent trip to South America, I was a little scaredy-cat, generally fearful of both traveling and approaching girls. You really pumped me up the way you wrote about South America and where the best places are over there to meet local girls. These destinations are worth the visit in their own right, even if the women there weren’t drop-dead gorgeous and friendly. Combine beautiful places with beautiful locals…and you convinced me to go. You were pretty accurate with what you told us to expect while in South America, and how to effectively respond to different scenarios and opportunities. I followed your advice. It really works. Thank you.

Your Free Audio Course & E-Book Proved Me Wrong

When my friend recommended your audio course and e-book, I laughed at him, thinking I’d hear a bunch of generic and cliché rhetoric. I was wrong. You not only know what you are talking about. You also know how to deliver your message in a way that both inspires and works. You transform your advice into step-by-step instructions, making the goals realistic and achievable. You are very systematic in how you show us how to take clear action. It’s all cause and effect, action and reaction, what to expect and how to respond. You are a true mentor. On a side note…Some of the stories you shared are pretty hilarious.


My Experience & Knowledge Directly Benefit You, Bottom Line

We guys fall into the trap of thinking we do not have the looks and/or money to meet the requirements presumably imposed by society. We get siphoned into the vicious cycle of work, home and using worthless dating apps on the phone, seemingly with no payoff at the end of the day.

Once burnt out and mentally drained, we no longer have the ambition and confidence to fundamentally change status quo. While over one billion people are traveling each year for vacation (according to the UK news source Daily Mail), some of you are going nowhere fast.

Listening to and reading my 100 percent free audio course and e-book will put you well ahead of ‘the game’, even compared to men who have years of experience. My advice is easy-to-follow and straight-to-the-point. The most important thing is…MY ADVICE WORKS!! It has worked for the thousands who have already listened to and read it. It will work for you.

Paul Followed My Advice & Went to Japan

I Will Show You:

  • How to Get into the Right Mindset for Successfully Approaching Foreign Girls
  • How to Make Girls Desire You as Much as You Do Them
  • How to Read Body Language & Use it to Your Advantage
  • Where the Best Places Are to Meet Female Tourists While Traveling
  • The Top 15 Countries & Destinations Where to Meet Local Girls
  • The Art of Enchanting Local Girls While Traveling
  • How to Effectively Use Online Dating Sites, What to Write & When to Write it
  • (Bonus) How Learning About Foreign Mentality Benefits You

Take Action & Start Grabbing Foreign Girls’ Attention Today

I am giving away my $37 audio course and e-book for free, YES FREE, no credit card information asked. You are not getting a section of my audio course and e-book. You are getting everything, the whole shebang, for absolutely nothing. My experience has saved travelers thousands of dollars. My knowledge has gotten backpackers and other visitors so many quality things for free, such as expensive rooms and first-class tours. My experience and knowledge will do the same for you, that is, if you are ready to learn.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Did You Write This E-Book to Brag or to Teach?

    Who wants to listen to others bragging about their amazing trips and priceless memories shared with girls from faraway places? Right? You want to have your own stories of adventure and excitement with quality girls. You want to have the confidence, motivation and skills needed to meet and date girls when you are traveling. My audio course and e-book has the answers to your needs, curiosities and desires. One of the key reasons why my product is so well-liked is because I teach you how to break through the self-imposed barriers of insecurity. Perhaps most importantly, I prove to you that you do not need to be rich, famous and good-looking to make girls want you.

    Is Your Advice Only/Mostly Relevant to Americans and Canadians?

    No. Anyone with an open mind can learn from my audio course and e-book, regardless of race, religion and nationality. My advice is relevant to the places I am recommending you visit and the cultures and mentalities you would find there.

    I Don’t Travel Much. Do You Think I’d Still Benefit From Your Material?

    I do. You could use the same practices with female tourists you coincidentally come across in your hometown. My audio course and e-book also teaches you how to convince foreign girls to come visit you, starting with simple online messaging through well-known dating sites. In case you are wondering, no, I do not teach anything about ‘mail order brides’. What I teach you is classy and effective, not trashy and self-defeating.

    I’m Already a Chic Magnet. Do You Think I’d Still Benefit From Your Material?

    One of the key reasons why my audio course and e-book is so well-liked is because I prove to you that you do not need to be rich, famous and good-looking to make girls want you. If you are a chic magnet, then write your own book and I’ll buy and read it. If you are anyone else, then yes, you would benefit from my material. I’ve visited nearly 80 countries and have a lot of experience under my belt.

    To Follow Your Advice, Do I Need to Be Spending a Lot of Money on Girls?

    Absolutely not! If you have the right mindset, show confidence and can read girls’ body language and position yourself accordingly, then you are doing better than most men. Many men use money to ‘fill gaps’ evident in their personality and social skills. Personally, I absolutely never blew away money on girls.

    What Type of Girl Does Your Audio Course & E-Book Talk About, Classy or Trashy?

    Classy and equally fun, the type to brag about to both your friends and to your mother. My audio course and e-book highly discourages you from even engaging with trashy girls, as they derail your eyes from the bigger picture. Pursuing trashy girls brings down your sense of self-worth.

    What Do You Do for a Living?

    ‘How to Meet & Date Girls When You Are Traveling’ is one of literally over thirty e-books I have written. I am confident you will like my material and will want some of my other products. Otherwise, I do members-only webinars as well as get paid to customize people’s trips.

    How Do I Access Your Audio Course & E-Book?

    After providing your name and email address next to the ‘Get Free Access Now’ button, an email would be sent to you with a link and password. You could access my audio guide and e-book online as well as download my e-book as a PDF.

    Can We Talk on the Phone?

    As soon as I am free, sure. I’d have one of my assistants set up a time with you asap. Contact me here through live chat.

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